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K D McKee Contracting Ltd

Farm Drainage

If you are considering whether farm drainage will benefit your farm and fields, you may want to consider the marked advantages that carefully completed farm drainage offers you as your return on investment.

Higher Crop Yields, Cost Reduction, Increased Farm Value are some of the advantage of Farm Draining.

K D McKee Contracting Ltd

Dairy Conversions

From start to finish is a speciality, this includes all Shed Site Construction, Development, Laning, Effluent Pond Construction etc.

K D McKee Contracting Ltd


Also works in conjunction with Waterforce & PGG Water for all your irrigation and water scheme requirements.

K D McKee Contracting Ltd


Pine, Gum, Macrocarpa

Committed to supplying dry seasoned firewood at the best prices. We aim to make interacting with us as easy as possible and to cater to your needs. Free delivery to most areas of Dunedin and Mosgiel. Minimum order 2.5 meters. Price enquires please contact Carol 02 7458 0053 or email mckeecontracting@unifone.net.nz

Also Specialising in

  • Roading
  • Root Racking
  • Civil Construction
  • General Earthworks
  • Site Foundations
  • Tree Topping
  • Field Tile Cleaning
  • Seasoned Firewood
  • Installation of Effluent Pipes and ponds
  • Water Schemes
  • Troughs and Hydrants
  • Firewood Processing
  • Tree Removal
  • Ploughing of Alkathene Pipe 15-110 mm
  • Ploughing of fibre optic cables
  • Hard rock post driving
  • Tree Removal
  • Ditchwitch Trencher